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#422 - May 27, 2015

PAL Update and More with Clint Huffman (Guest Info)

PAL is growing up! After a few months of rest from publishing his book Windows Performance Analysis Field Guide, Richard talks to creator Clint Huffman about the latest update to PAL - Performance Analysis of Logs. PAL helps you sort out PerfMon to understand your performance problems in all sorts of Microsoft products. Clint has added a new auto-detect feature to check through your perfmon log file and know what profiles from PAL to pull in. And the latest features is the PAL Collector tool, which will analyze your machine and auto-configure PAL for data collection - and you can set it up to start on boot!

#421 - May 20, 2015

Azure RMS with Morgan Simonsen (Guest Info)

Rights Management in the Cloud? Richard talks to Morgan Simonsen about Azure Rights Management. Azure RMS works with Office 2010-13 and a variety of other applications to provide rights like read-only, modifiable, even limit viewing times - as well as letting you know when secured docs are viewed. And it can work outside of your systems as well, through Azure Active Directory. For other applications, there is the general RMS service that handles text files and images at It doesn't work with everything (gmail for example), but it does work in the field - if you need rights management, you should check it out!

#420 - May 13, 2015

Ignite Recap with Stephen Rose (Guest Info)

So what happened at Ignite? Stephen Rose chats with Richard about the keynotes, sessions and announcements at Ignite. One of the biggest shows Microsoft has ever done, more than 22,000 people soaked up a huge amount of knowledge over a week in Chicago. Stephen also talks about the upcoming Mobility Transformed Tour around the US in May and June 2015!

#419 - May 06, 2015

Modern Public Folders with Peter Schmidt (Guest Info)

Are Public Folders evil? Peter Schmidt says no! Richard chats with Peter about Modern Public Folders that come with Exchange 2013. Treated more like regular mailboxes (only BIGGER), the public folders in Exchange 2013 are much easier for the administrator to handle while being essentially the same as far as the users are concerned. The migration is a bit tricky, but you can do it on-premise as well as to Office 365. Peter has a great video about migrating to 2013 public folders from NICConf. Check it out!

#418 - April 29, 2015

Tuning SQL Server Stored Procedures with Kim Tripp (Guest Info)

How do you tune your stored procedures? While visiting Kim Tripp at her home, Richard chats with her about her approach to turning stored procedures. The conversation starts out focused on query plans, which applies to all sorts of things, but stored procedures have some special foibles around parameter sets and recompilation - there are good techniques and bad! Kim also digs into session parameters. If you've ever had a stored procedure that performed great in Management Studio but sucked out in the world, there's a good chance the session configurations are different. Also listen for a quick discussion on stored procedure techniques that can help fight SQL Injection attacks!

#417 - April 22, 2015

Policy-Based SQL Server Management with Boris Hristov (Guest Info)

How do you manage your SQL Servers? Richard talks to Boris Hristov about using Policy-Based Management tools in SQL Server. These tools have been in the box since SQL Server 2008, but it's amazing how many folks still don't use them - are you really RDPing into every SQL Server? Hristov talks about using the Policy-Based Management tools to sweep across all of your SQL Servers and check what various settings are at - and change them if you need to! The conversation also digs into creating a Central Management Server to have a repository of all SQL Server instances and make it easy to propagate changes. Finally, if you're ready to step up your SQL management game, take a look at the Enterprise Policy Management Framework, a CodePlex project to do detailed analysis and reporting on your entire SQL Server landscape.

#416 - April 15, 2015

Streaming Large Scale Live Events with Ian Philpot (Guest Info)

So what does it take to live stream the largest sporting events in the world? Richard chats with Ian Philpot, Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft, about his work troubleshooting streaming issues for events like the Winter Olympics in Sochi, 2014 FIFA World Cup and Super Bowl XLIX. Of course it takes a team to make a project like this happen, and Phil talks about the entire service chain, from NBC's broadcast to iStreamPlanet to Azure Media Serviecs, Akamai and Adobe's Primetime Player. The conversation also turns to the Azure Media Services Explorer, a GitHub project to make it easier to integrate your software into Azure Media Services. If AMS can handle the Super Bowl, they can handle your streaming project too!

#415 - April 08, 2015

Chef Update with Steven Murawski (Guest Info)

Are you looking at Chef for deploying your infrastructure yet? Steven Murawski is back to talk about the latest development in Chef, including his role as the Community Software Development Engineer. Chef integrates with DSC and PowerShell to make managing your Windows instances and everything else much simpler when you roll out applications. Steven also talks about Chef going all open source, with some paid services if you need them. You should check it out!

#414 - April 01, 2015

Azure Stream Analytics with Scott Klein (Guest Info)

How fast can you analyze incoming data? Richard talks to Scott Klein about

#413 - March 25, 2015

Virtualizing Everything on Azure using RemoteApp with Aidan Finn (Guest Info)

Virtualization at Microsoft continues to evolve! Richard chats with Aidan Finn about the on-going evolution of virtualization and the options available in Azure to use it. It's not just about Azure-hosted virtual machines any more! The conversation ranges over a number of Azure technologies in use today, including Active Directory. You need AD in the cloud to make your hybrid infrastructure work effectively, but it does take time to figure out all the options. Aidan also talks about Microsoft Azure RemoteApp and the options it brings to making applications available in the cloud. Also mentioned is the Azure Speed Test for evaluating which data centers give your location the best performance. The Azure story continues to evolve. Have you checked out the latest?